Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reflection on Motherhood and Christ

I was thinking the other day about mothers and motherhood, and how mothers are very special people. If you think about it, mothers give nourishment to their children from their own bodies for the life of their children, much like Christ gave his own body to us to be our spiritual nourishment for life eternal. Just as mothers give their breast to the children so that they can grow from the milk they receive, so too does Christ give us his breast (that is the wound in his side) so that we can grow strong from the milk that he gives us... (his precious blood which washes away our sins). Also if we think of the Church both as the body of Christ and as Mother of Christians, we can think of the milk that the Church as mother gives us as being the sacraments, that is Jesus himself... again... the idea of the mother giving of her own body to nourish the children. Again... Mary, as model of the church, is also considered our mother... mother of christians. What would be the milk that we would receive from her chaste breast if not the graces that she obtains for us by her intercession? And oh should we not long to drink from such a living font, to receive such life giving grace from such a tender mother? She being in such intimate communion with God, would we not receive also the grace of intimacy with the Holy Spirit? And since we are to become other Christs, to be formed into the fullness of the maturity of Christ, is it not appropriate that we receive such nourishment from the one who gave nourishment to Christ in the flesh? Isn't it interesting how something so natural to us and something so beautiful can lead us to think of God and even lead us to want to receive more from him and from the prayers of his saints?

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