Friday, March 17, 2006

Lenten Poem

Here is a little poem I wrote the other night. It seems very appropriate for lent.

A walk in the cemetery

Walking in the silent graveyard of my life

I see the tombstones of struggle and of strife

A friend a lover a seer a sage

Now lie beneath the earth to rot with age

And bending down to see each name

My eyes do marvel - they are the same

(the twilight falls)

(the evening comes)

(the sun goes down)

(little light remains)

How will I find my way home?

I await my friend whose vision is better,

Who carries a lamp wherever he goes.

He knows the way, and that I wait for him.

- He will lead me.

Before the light fades completely

I glance at the tombstone ahead of me

"Hic expecto resurrectionem!"

- The word catches my eye

And breathing out a sigh I say and almost cry, "So do I!"

The night comes on.

The first star appears.

My eyes they dry beholding the sight.

My friend comes. (This is the night...)

My friend comes.

1 comment:

Deacon Harry said...

Brother, Although the season of Lent is well past (and that I just found your blog and this poem), I understand that of which you speak. Powerful!