Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Poem: Discourse of a soul with God

O God of Love, O Father most tender,

Look down upon me in mercy a sinner,

Help me to open up to your Spirit,

So that guided by You, I might gain true merit.

O son of mine, I love you dear.

And wish thatyou my voice would hear

My life to you I wish to give

To heal and help you to truly live

This news, O Father, does make me thirst,

For that love you give to me in Christ

Break with your grace this heart of stone,

And bring me back to my true home.

Peace, be still, o son of mine.

For in your darkness my light will shine.

You need not fret, you need not run.

For freely do I make you my son.

What, O Father, can I give for this gift,

I'll give you my all with nothing left,

Or a prayer of thanks I will first give

You name it, anything, just give me life.

O son of mine what could you pay.

For the gift of love I give this Day

My Son I give upon the cross

With a gift like this all else seems loss.

Loss? O lost I feel, O God!

Within myself I see no good,

Why, O how could you then give,

This precious grace, this new life.

Shalom, my son and do not fear.

Your cries, your prayers I always hear.

I wait, I wait to hear you say

You'll let me love you, that you'll give way.

Stop, o how, your love to win?

A way, away, I have to find.

No - what - oh - my - yes.

Your grace! What mystery!

Now, my son, do you now see?

My grace has been and will always be

With you so that you might accept

My one command, my true precept.

My love is free. I give it to you.

That you may love and give it too.

That you may taste my love, my life.

And have my peace amidst all strife.

Do not fear and do not run

I love you and want you as my son

Receive my life, receive my love.

Do not fear, there is enough.

Thank you, O Father, for your love for us

For the gift you gave us in Christ Jesus.

And for the Holy Spirit, who as guide

Helps us to walk to reach your side

To arrive one day with you in heaven

To praise you forever and ever. Amen.

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