Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Be Yourself"

Here is a message I got from a friend of mine. I find it to be very moving, so I share it with you.

"Do not be afraid!" - you know who said it of course. Be yourself and be proud and happy just to be yourself. Do not try to be somebody that you are not. Jesus calls us as we are, as he called Peter and John, with our qualities and defaults, with our sin also. He knows all about it. In a certain way, he loves us because we are so weak and because He knows how great we can be with Him. Of course, we can alway do better, but that is the matter of our life, that happens in a lifetime! We cannot instantly become saints... The most important I think is to truly believe that we are loved AS WE ARE and NOT AS WE SHOULD BE.
Satan is responsible for it, always trying to discourage us and accusing us with
each and every sin we make. But do you think about God's mercy? More than
everything, the sin of Judas is to have believed that the Love of his Master was
not enough to forgive him.
God's mercy takes you much farther than each of our sins and bad habits. Much more: he fills them with His grace. He comes in each of our poverty (which means, our sin, also), and wants nothing else. He asks us if we agree to let him come because he has no where to stay, exactly as He did when he was born. Do not be afraid of who you are, because you are already a saint in the heart of God, even if you are not perfect (and don't worry, Be certain that you will never be perfect). God loves you as you are now, not as you would like to be. Let yourself go in this wonderful freedom in your heart, just rest in His Grace!

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