Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Some reflections on love today:

I read today somewhere that to love is to live, and just as no one wants to live only half, likewise no one should want to love only half way.

At evening prayer, the antiphon for the Magnificat hit me. It was something like "Those who teach and love will be great in the kingdom of heaven." That is, it does not suffice to only teach love but also to be an example of love.

It is quite easy to fall into the same old rut of not wanting to give of not wanting to be concerned for others, to just be egotistical.

In order to love one needs to make a gift of oneself, to give of oneself to others, despite what others might say or do with that gift. To love is to risk. And yet maybe we need help thinking that we can even be a gift. Sure we are sinners, sure we are faulty, but we must keep in mind that we have been made in the image and likeness of God and so have a dignity that cannot be lost, no matter how ruffed up, beat up, and obscured we may make that image or thnk that image is.

God, give us the courage to love, the strength to be a "gift" to others. Help us to believe the truth of your love for us and to love you and others in return. Amen

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