Friday, January 12, 2007


The homily I heard during mass this morning struck something in my heart. The priest said that the bigger miracle in the gospel today was not the physical healing but the forgiveness of sins. In fact, this, he said, is the greatest of miracles.

Now what struck me is that, if this true... that forgiving sins is the greatest of miracles, then we are all capable of performing this miracle or at least participating in this (with God's help of course). Of course, I don't mean that we can obtain the forgiveness of sins from God for someone elses sins (that's all through Jesus), but rather in our own way we can do a similar thing in rememberance of the miracle of our own being forgiven by Jesus by forgiving others their sins against us (of course by forgiveness I don't mean enabling people to continue hurting us or others, but forgiveness in the sense of not being judgmental and still wanting the good of the other). And yet, if we find this too difficult, we can start by forgiving other peoples faults (and these are not necessarily sins as much as things that make us have to be patient with the other).

Hodie est dies melior vitae meae.