Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Easter Greetings

Okay, so it's the fourth week of Easter, and I'm finally talking about Easter. Better late than never, right? So, Happy Easter to all!

Something I was thinking about during the Easter Vigil especially with the reading from Ezekiel about the new fleshy heart and a new spirit, which he promises us:

A bit of good news for those who find that their hearts are stoney: Jesus did not disdain to be born in the cave of Bethlehem, nor did he disdain to be placed in a cave after his death on the cross. It was from a cave that the Lord rose to new life, and in the Eucharist, he makes his dwelling stone and metal tabernacles. So be of good cheer if you find your heart to be stoney. Jesus can make it the place in which he is born, the place in which his body sacrificed for us makes it home. He can make it the place where he rises to new life (and us with him), and he can make it into a tabernacle to bring his presence to others!

So, if your heart is stoney, receive the infant child, the Word incarnate! Bring into your heart the dead Christ who gave his life for our redemption, if you find your heart to be a white washed tomb. Do not be afraid to let the Lord rise again in your heart, if it be made of stone, because he can still use it and make of it a tabernacle of his presence... and in so doing, transform that which was stoney and hard into a fleshy heart filled with his spirit. What matters is that we give him our hearts, even if they be stoney. He knows what to do with them.

Peace be with you. May we not be afraid to offer our Lord our hearts as they are, so that He may make them how he wills them to be... hearts in union with his.

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