Tuesday, May 01, 2007

That Threshold

There is a threshold in life...
A crossing from death and sadness
To life and joy.

Leaving behind trust in self
Entering into trust in God
Taking that leap of faith

The pride of life and sense of self
The lies, the illusion, the false treasures
Are left behind in the repeated "yes."

A "yes" to the True Treasure,
The True Desire of the heart
To the One Who is constant and sure.

As self-sufficiency dies
The soul is set free
It rejoices in the light of the One Who Loves.

A threshold, a passage, a journey,
a Pascha of faith and of trust
That liberates the soul to love...

The Threshold of Hope.


forget me not said...

this is beautiful Br. Chris. Did you write it? It sums up perfectly the point of the Subiaco post. Thank you for sharing.

Br. Chris Gaffrey, ofm said...

I did. Thank you for the complement. You saw very clearly that it was in the same mood. I based it on the title of JPII's book crossing the threshold of hope. I really like this imagery of entering into something new with hope... going from unbelief and desperation to hope, which then leads to charity. This transition reminds me of Holy Saturday too, that day of suspense between the sadness of the cross and good Friday (the original experience) and the joy of the resurrection and Easter Sunday. I think everyone of us somehow goes through this transition (not only in an unseen way in baptism, but in a gradual, mysterious, and yet concrete way in our life).

forget me not said...

That's so true, and if we develop our spiritual awareness enough, we realize when it's happening, and the soul can sing. These are truly special moments.

fmn said...

The image that came to mind was exactly JPII. :-)