Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cause of John Paul II: For the Record...

Almost every Catholic news source in the English language has reprinted the CNS article from last year mentioning prayer cards with the piece of John Paul II's cassock. The reporter, Cindy Wooden, did a really good job and even quoted the source she spoke to, a certain Franciscan, Br. Chris Gaffrey. Ms. Wooden did not write anything indicating my function at the Office of the Postulation, yet it seems that almost the entire English speaking Catholic world has assumed that I am either the Postulator or the man in charge of the relics. Letters stream in to the Office of the Postulation addressed to me with checks made out in my name. Now while the attention is nice, I figured this would all just die down and people would stop addressing the letters to me. Well, it hasn't died down. More than a year after the CNS article, people are still addressing their letters and checks to me.

Thank you. I certainly appreciate the fact that so many people are supporting the Cause for Beatification and Canonization of John Paul II.

But I feel that, for the record, I must state the following:

1. I am not the man in charge of the "relics" (the prayers cards with the ex indumentis - piece of John Paul II's cassock).

2. I am not the Postulator. The Postulator's name is Msgr. Slawomir Oder, a very nice priest from Poland who works in the Office of the Diocese of Rome.

3. I do not have an official position at the Office of the Postulation.

4. I am only a seminarian who volunteers by helping the Office of the Postulation with translations from Italian to English.

Please do address your letters to Msgr. Slawomir Oder, the Postulator of the Cause. In sending donations, please make out the checks to "Cause for Beatification and Canonization of John Paul II." The mailing address of the Office of the Postulation is: Office of the Postulation for the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God John Paul II, Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano, 6/A - 00184 Rome, Italy.

Thanks so much. JPII, we love you!

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Heather A. Hartel said...

It's always so wonderful to see how enthusiastic people can be about possible saints, regardless of how they might misdirect their donations. I had to smile reading this post, though, because as a scholar who has studied another candidate for sainthood, Father Nelson H. Baker, I have been put in uncomfortable positions when people assume I have something to do with his cause. I don't--I just study the process and record history in the making.

best wishes...