Friday, May 01, 2009

A Reflection on Reason

Augustine of Hippo once said "He who distinguishes well, reasons well."
In today's society where traditional values and defense of the family is being called "bigotry" by special interest groups, it is necessary for us to reason well and distinguish well.
As Catholics we can indeed distinguish between not supporting institutions that would damage society and the traditional family while at the same time respecting and even defending the dignity of those who have and do become victims of hatred based on that which makes them different.
Love, especially the love that we receive from Christ and are called to reflect in the world, can indeed both say "no" to the unjust demands of some, while at the same time loving and respecting their dignity, even going so far as to be willing to die to defend that dignity.
In all this we have reason to have great hope because our Father is pleased to give us the Holy Spirit, and He shall be our strength in every trial and difficulty. Let us only resolve to remain faithful to the call to love and to stand up for what we believe in through patient insistence of the truth.