Friday, November 27, 2009

An Examination of Faith

This summer while on retreat, I was told by my Jesuit retreat director that Faith is actually a four-fold virtue that gets broken down into Fiducia, Visio, Fidelitas, and Assentio. Fiducia stands for trust in God as one trusts in close friends, Visio for the outlook or vision on life that faith provides, Fidelitas for the fidelity of pereservance through trials and failures, and Assentio for the assent of the intellect to the truths of the faith.

So, one way to examine one's faith could simply be to ask...

Where is my faith weak?

Follow the way of Christ despite trials and failure?
Allow faith to shape my outlook on life?
DO     I...
Trust in God as a loving Father who is the source of all good?
Hold as true and holy all that the Catholic Church teaches in regards to faith and morals?

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