Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Pro-life Stance

Sr. Joan's commentary is right on. Unfortunately, there are two kinds of reaction that people will have to what she says that will not help solve the problem. The first is the reaction of those who see how she shows the lacuna in the politically prolife stance and therefore think that their politically pro-abortion rights stance is justified. They end up doing nothing except agreeing with Sr. Joan in a smug "see-my-abortion-position-is-justified" fashion. The second is the reaction of those who notice that not all prolifers stick to only the political issue and feel slighted. They end up doing nothing but indignantly defending how their position is still justified (because it is right to defend life) and pointing out where Sr. Joan falls short (anyway, one doesn't have to take her words as a straight definition of all that exists and nothing more). The argument over, they go back to ignoring the needs of the poor.

Those whose faith influences their politics, and not vice versa, will recognize the wisdom of her words and seek to become the people who are both against abortion in all senses (its legality too) and who put their money where their mouth is by helping take care of children from crisis pregnancies. Let's pray that the Lord will give us the grace to be men and women of this kind of integrity to not just speak the truth but to live the truth as well so that we may truly be pro-life through and through.