Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Treat of Hallowe'en

Happy All Saints' Eve! Happy All Hallows Eve! Happy All Hallows Even! Happy All Hallows E'en! Happy Hallowe'en! Happy Hallowmas Eve!

Let's play trick or treat!

Trick! Get distracted from your eternal destiny as a saint by celebrating tonight as a spook-fest and concentrating on (limited and already conquered) powers of darkness, letting Satan trick you into thinking he can intimidate you and scare you as if he were God's equal.

Treat! Remember your eternal destiny and that God not only calls you to be a saint but he promises to make you one (1 Thes 5:23-24) by celebrating tonight as a holy-day. You can still dress up and have candy, either by dressing as something dark, remembering that Jesus has over come all evil and gives us the ability to as well, or by dressing as a saint. And candy and treats are as equally valid on feast days too! Remember, liturgically speaking, the Solemnity of All Saints begins this evening.

Okay, now you pick. Trick or treat?

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